Sunday, May 29, 2016

Easy Landscaping Ideas with Trees for Amateurs

Landscaping using existing trees is known to be among the most relaxing and rewarding activities and this is the reason why quite a number of people will be found ding it as a career while some will be found doing it for money. If one is new in the business or they have exhausted their ideas they should know that there are very easy landscaping ideas that can be of help to them. PalmettoTreeService has provided us plenty of guidance and advice in the past. Prior to making all the ideas come to life it is important however that a person comes up with a good and solid plan to see them through the project. This is because landscaping can be quite a time consuming and difficult job to carry out not to mention having to return the tools to the shed. When coming up with a plan and ideas for landscaping especially when using trees it is important that a person notes that landscaping has quite an organic and dynamic canvass that one can work on.

When coming up with the easy landscaping ideas particularly with trees and arboriculture it is also important that the landscaper considers factors such as trees growing, plants dying and rains eroding when they are working on their project. To be a successful landscaper one has to focus on both the science side as they are on the artistic side and they also have to work with engineering just as much as they working with inspiration. When landscaping, some people are known to engage in piecemeal work and this often results in lack of uniformity. If the landscape is to have a unified look one should start from the scratch. There are also the features of the land and existing trees and these should be factored in when landscaping it is advisable that a person takes advantage of their land’s features. Such features include the amount of sun the property receives, how heavy the soil is, is the property hilly or flat, can the area support plants growing all year round? Carrying out a research can help one come up with the most ideal grasses, trees, plants, watering plans, architectural features and flowers that suite their property.

Among the easy landscaping ideas is also the fact that when one comes up with plans for their landscaping, they should make things like trees, retaining walls and ponds small in their mind so that when they implement their plans everything is sizeable. The best landscaping ideas also consider proportion and this is in regards to both the project scale and the time dedicated towards building as well as well as maintenance. The features build should also not have a larger size as compared to the home or vice versa. This is because bigger features such as massive waterfalls made of stone often look awkward when done outside smaller homes such as cottages. The reverse is true as well because small features like a small, single flower bed look equally awkward when done in front of large homes. With the above ideas coupled with some research, it should not be so difficult to have a good landscape in the home.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lexington SC Tree Stump Grinding

We have all had the experience before: Downed Cayce or West Columbia tree - immovable stump. Many of us hire professional tree stump removers from Lexington, SC, but these professionals can charge way too much money. Because they have specialized knowledge, they can charge us hundreds of dollars for tree stump removal. If you are like me, you don't have a stump grinder or other means to remove the stump. I have seen them come in with digging machines, big drills, power saws, and all kinds of other equipment. They make it look like putting up a house. I decided that there had to be a simpler way to do the job.

It turns out that there is no simple answer to the question how to remove tree stump, particularly a Gaston, SC live oak stump. There are many different things that you can do. Some experts on how to remove tree stumps recommend chemicals. They sell chemicals that you can put in the stumps which make them decompose quicker. Although this idea can work for many people, I have never been a big fan. It still takes a long time for the tree stump to fully decompose, and who knows what kind of effect the chemicals will have on the local environment.

Lexington SC Stump Grinder

I have a cousin who cuts down trees all the time, and he finally told me how to remove tree stump his way. He uses a grinder. It basically cuts the tree stump up into sawdust, which makes a lot of sense to me. None of the other ways how to remove a tree stump in South Carolina are quite so easy. You can dig the stump out, but this requires a lot of work. The roots go deep, and you will have to sever them at some point.

When he showed me how to remove tree stump with a grinder, however, it seemed really simple. You do not remove it so much as grind the stump down to ground level. Although there would still be some remnants of the tree stump there, enough would be gone that you could safely ignore it. The problem was that the tool was expensive. It cost more than 200 dollars! Fortunately, he lent me his. Otherwise, I would've had to use another method. There are plenty of other ways how to remove a tree stump.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Basics of Columbia Tree Service Chain Saw Use

Chainsaws come in handy when a large tree needs to be cut. Lexington, SC tree service companies could hardly be in business without them. Sometimes the cost of service for tree cutting and chopping can be prohibitive, prompting one to think of buying a chainsaw and doing the work. A chainsaw is a powerful tool that can cause a lot of damage when handled incorrectly. It has metal teeth that move at a blinding speed and it is very loud when in use. It can cut into a tree faster than expected. Before going ahead with proper chainsaw use, it is important to have personal protective equipment, which includes ear, eye, hand, fingers and legs protection. Long pants, long sleeves, gloves, sturdy boots, ear protection and goggles work well. A helmet may be necessary too.

The chainsaw has to be in usable condition to deliver the best results during tree removal and tree service in general. When starting it, one should place it on the ground or between the legs such that one is able to withstand the purring of the chainsaw after tapping the throttle trigger, which puts the saw on idle mode. At all times, the left hand should firmly hold the front handle, even when it feels unnecessary to do so. The chainsaw will push back for every effort put in. When it hits an object or part of an object that is hard, it will push back the user very fast and requires fast reaction of the user.

columbia tree service chainsaw
Maintaining the right position and a firm hold ensures that all goes well. In addition to a firm two-handed grip, a balanced stance and alertness are important. On the other hand, a sharp and well-tensioned chain will help to direct appropriate force when using the chain saw. Thinking about the tree or log being cut and the place it will fall after cutting is also important to avoid any spring back action that can be harmful.

Take some time to watch a professional tree service company go about their work some time and you will see proper techniques employed.